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Workload and SWFs

Your SWF or Standard Workload Form is a document that is used to calculate and credit faculty for teaching and related activities each term.  The courses, sections should all match your timetable.  Looking at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) portion of the website for some common questions related to workload.

The maximum SWF total workload hours per week per professor is 44 hours.

Anything not listed on the SWF is voluntary and is not required as part of your employment.  This includes activities such as open houses, all faculty mandatory meetings, orientations, APRs and MPRs.


If you are assigned work by a supervisor, it should be recognized on a SWF.

Overtime is completely voluntary, if you don't want to work overtime, you don't have to agree to it.

Working within our 44 hours allows for more teaching positions or more hours for part-time, sessional and partial-load faculty. 

Step Calculator

All new partial-load and full-time faculty follow the same initial salary step calculation formula.


This is outlined in the collective agreement in the "Job Classification Plans For Position in the Academic Bargaining  Unit.


The initial salary step is calculated based on the individual’s relevant educational and work experience.

Faculty can use this Initial Salary Step Calculator to verfy they are on the correct step of the salary grid.

If you would like your initial salary step calculation reviewed by an officer of the local, please email

Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

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The Greivance Process

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