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Local Executive Committee (LEC)

& Stewards


Maureen Murphy-Fricker

President (on Leave)

Steward: Interdisciplinary Studies (on leave)


Dennis Long


Steward: DTK Campus

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Maryam Elshafie

2nd VP

Steward: Cambridge Campus


Danya Goldsmith-Milne

Steward: Libraries

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Cam Levack

Steward: Life Sciences


Michael Phillips

Steward: Engineering


Saifur Rahman

Steward: Workforce Development

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Wayne Wright

Steward: Trades and Apprenticeship


Bev Stone

Chief Steward/WMG

Steward: Reuters Campus


Bob Delaney

Vice President/UCC

Steward: Partial Load

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Nick Bronsema

Steward at Large


Carrie Herzog

Steward: Hospitality/WMG

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Maria Laverde

Steward at Large

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Karen Pike

Steward at Large


Lynn Robbins White

Steward: Counselling/UCC

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Adam Ziegler

Steward at Large/WMG


Leopold Koff

Acting President/UCC

Steward: School of Business


Paula Crooks

Secretary & Communications

Steward: Communications/EAP

Photo Richard Bruckeder 2021_edited.jpg

Richard Bruckeder 

Steward: Wood Skills

Amy Huskins.jpg

Amelia Huskins

Steward: ECE Doon/WMG 

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Christine Tsou

Steward: Waterloo Campus


Anthony Piscitelli

Steward: Doon Campus


Ariane Wieck

Steward: Creative Industries

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Claudia Schubert

Health & Safety Rep/UCC 

Local 237 Executive Committee (LEC) Position Openings

The following steward positions are vacant and need a full-time or partial-load faculty member to represent them at monthly Local Executive Council (LEC) meetings.  If you are interested in getting involved, click Apply Now and send us an email.

Fixing Electricity Lines

Steward at Large, Ingersoll

office light

Steward at Large, Stratford

Community Service

Steward: Community Services


Steward: Food Processing

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Steward at Large

Carpentry Class

Steward at Large, Waterloo

Science Class

Steward at Large, Milton

Computer Learning

Steward: Preparatory Studies

At the Library

Steward: LINC

Engine Mechanic

Steward at Large, Guelph

Science Lab Student

Steward: Health Sciences


Steward: Information Tech.

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Steward at Large

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