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Timetables & Work Day Hours

According to the Collective Agreement, a teaching day cannot exceed 8 hours.  There is a form that faculty need to file if they are voluntarily accepting a longer than 8 hour day.  This form needs to be signed when the SWF is signed.  It is highly recommended that faculty do not accept timetables that go against Article 11.

You should not waive an article in the Collective Agreement on your own. The Union is the exclusive bargaining agent with the College. Should the Union Local become aware that your supervisor arranged a local bargaining agreement with you without Union participation; the Union Local is in a position to issue a Union Grievance against the College under Article 1.01 of the Collective Agreement (see below). Your concern is a Workload issue that can quickly be resolved through the Workload resolution process within a matter of weeks. Respond in writing or email to your supervisor that the Collective Agreement clearly states your contact day cannot be longer than eight hours from start to finish, and you wish this matter to be resolved. Be sure to copy the President and Chief Steward to make your Faculty Union aware of your concern, and the Union Local will guide you through this resolution process.

Article 1.01 The Union is recognized as the exclusive collective bargaining agency for all academic employees of the Colleges engaged as teachers, counselors and librarians, all as more particularly set out in Article 14 [salaries],…


Article 11.01 L 1 The contact day shall not exceed eight hours from the beginning of the first assigned hour to the end of the last assigned hour.


Article 11.01 L 2 Every effort shall be made to ensure that work will not be assigned to begin less than 12 hours after the end of the previous day’s work assignment.

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