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Local 237 Executive Committee (LEC) Position Openings

The following steward positions are vacant and need a full-time or partial-load faculty member to represent them at monthly Local Executive Council (LEC) meetings.  If you are interested in getting involved, click Apply Now and send us an email.

Classroom Lecture


Worker on construction site

Steward: Trades/Apprenticeship

Petri Dishes

Steward: Life Sciences

Adult Education Course

Steward: Preparatory Studies

Image by Matthew Henry

Steward: Ingersoll Campus

Fixing Electricity Lines

Steward: Engineering

Students in Cafeteria

Steward: LINC

Graphic Designing

Steward: Creative Industries

Engine Mechanic

Steward: Guelph Campus

Busy Presentation

Steward: Brantford Campus

Canned Food

Steward: Food Processing

Medical Team

Steward: Health Sciences


Steward: Community Services

office light

Steward: Stratford Campus

Business Meeting

Steward: Workforce Development

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