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Counsellors at Conestoga

Counsellors are hired as faculty members and although they are not in the classroom they fill a unique and important role at Conestoga College.  Our ten registered counsellors offer free confidential short-term mental health support for students.  They offer support in areas such as anxiety, depression, trauma, relationships, goal setting, and resiliency.  Currently, due to the pandemic, supports are offered virtually for Conestoga students.  Counsellors are dedicated to providing support to students to increase their success in the classroom and beyond.  

If you are a counsellor with questions or a college faculty member wanting to learn more about counselling services, feel free to reach out to Lynn Robbins. Lynn is a counsellor at Conestoga and is also our local union representative for counsellors.

The goal is to continue a partnership between counselling and faculty to support student success.

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