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Full-Time Faculty Contract for Program/Course Development 

Faculty may be offered a stand alone contract to develop a new course or program during the May/June period.  The union considers this risky behaviour and does not recommend that faculty engage in contracts for development.  Faculty can be SWF'd for development prior to delivering the new course or program.

Both you and the College are stepping outside the protection and boundaries of the Collective Agreement, specifically Articles 01 and 11.

  • The Faculty Union will grieve the College for contravening Article 1 of the Collective Agreement (through you).

  • If you find that for whatever reason, you are dissatisfied with the recognition of your work either in unrealized time off or payment shortfalls, for example, the Faculty Union cannot support you because you are outside the protection of Article 11.


Accepting extra work that is not SWF’d is taking work away from other members in your Bargaining Unit, either present or un-hired at this point. Members who accept this kind of arrangement are weakening their own department, which could otherwise justify the possibility of hiring a new permanent Faculty member, thus evening the load of the teaching assignments more appropriately.


You are potentially contravening the Income Tax Act. A separate agreement for outside work with the College is NOT deemed at arm’s length by Revenue Canada. Revenue Canada will impose a tax on the proceeds of your agreement at your College salaried rate of taxation. This has happened before with employees at the College, and Revenue Canada watches for such non-arm’s length agreements.

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