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Strike vote results


Greetings all and good news:


Over 2/3 of college faculty voted 59% in favour of labour action in an extremely short time frame at the end of a difficult semester.  We hope that this sends a clear message to the colleges and the College Employer Council to come back to the table and negotiate faculty demands. We are very pleased with this result, and with the work that you've done to get out the vote.  We have a lot of information to work with going forward in order to build on this foundation.


We are bargaining for better supports for students, and better supports for ALL faculty to ensure they can support students, as well as fairness for all faculty.

Faculty are serious about making immediate improvements to workload, to job security for full-time and partial-load faculty, and we’re serious about creating structures for long-term change around workload, equity, and Indigenous faculty issues. The system had profits of $1.65 billion in the last five years, and much of that came from contracting out, from faculty’s unpaid overtime and from the uncompensated work of Partial-Load faculty. We need a Collective Agreement that updates our workload formula from 1985, and one that addresses the new threats to job security that are presented by recent changes to education.


Faculty have continued to extend our invitation to the CEC to either bargain these issues at the table, or to refer them to binding interest arbitration to avoid additional stress on students.  We certainly hope that the employer agrees that either of these is the best path forward.


We will be able to circulate the Local results soon, along with the official press release from OPSEU/SEFPO.


In sol,

Your CAATA Bargaining Team

Bargaining Update: Colleges reject faculty offer to negotiate and refuse voluntary binding interest arbitration


Greetings all:


Unfortunately, the Colleges and CEC team have rejected faculty's offer to extend the existing Collective Agreement until at least January 3, and have opted to impose terms and conditions of their choosing on Monday, December 13.  To be clear, the CEC has chosen labour disruption over further negotiations or voluntary binding interest arbitration, which are both still on the table from faculty.  Either continued negotiations or interest arbitration would ensure labour stability while allowing both sides' proposals to be considered by an arbitrator.


We anticipate that the CEC will attempt to spin this as faculty attempting to deny improvements to faculty, when the opposite is true: the faculty team has been pushing for and bargaining meaningful and ongoing improvements throughout this process.  More will follow as we get the details.


It is important to note that the initial imposition of terms is not necessarily the last.  The Colleges and CEC can change the terms they impose at will and college by college.


Faculty will be providing the required 5-day notice of labour action to the CEC as a result, and can begin work-to-rule, which will begin first with the union Locals, as of December 18.  Details will follow shortly.


Here is the latest media coverage in regard to our bargaining:


In solidarity, 

Your CAAT-A Bargaining Team

Salutations à tous:


Malheureusement, les collèges et l’équipe de la CEC ont rejeté l’offre du corps professoral de prolonger la convention collective existante au moins jusqu’au 3 janvier, et ont choisi d’imposer les conditions de leur choix le lundi 13 décembre.  Pour être clair, la CEC a choisi l’interruption de travail plutôt que d’autres négociations ou l’arbitrage volontaire de différends exécutoires, qui sont tous deux toujours sur la table de la part du corps professoral.  La poursuite des négociations ou l’arbitrage des différends assurerait la stabilité du travail tout en permettant à un arbitre d’examiner les propositions des deux parties.


Nous prévoyons que la CEC tentera de faire passer cela pour un corps professoral qui tente de refuser des améliorations au corps professoral, alors que le contraire est vrai : l’équipe du corps professoral a fait pression pour obtenir et négocier des améliorations significatives et continues tout au long de ce processus.  D’autres suivront au fur et à mesure que nous obtiendrons les détails.


Il est important de noter que l’imposition initiale des conditions n’est pas nécessairement la dernière.  Les collèges et la CEC peuvent modifier les conditions qu’ils imposent à volonté et collège par collège.


Le corps professoral fournira l’avis de 5 jours requis de l’action syndicale à la CEC en conséquence, et peut commencer le travail à la règle, qui commencera d’abord avec les sections locales du syndicat, à partir du 18 décembre.  Les détails suivront sous peu.


Voici la dernière couverture médiatique en ce qui concerne nos négociations :


En solidarité,

Votre équipe de négociation des CAAT-A

59% YES

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