Barganing 2021

Bargaining Updates from OPSEU:


Mediator Brian Keller has imposed a “total communications blackout on negotiations” as mediation continues between Ontario’s public college faculty, represented by OPSEU/SEFPO, and the employer, the College Employer Council.

Until the blackout is lifted, OPSEU/SEFPO will be unable to provide further information on the progress of negotiations.

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We offer you the newly updated 2021 Report on Education, documenting and analyzing the changing landscape of Ontario’s Colleges.

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Take a look to see how the negotiation process works.


Updated College offer Summary

Summary of CEC offer and union comments.


Please see the letter of response to mediation from the CEC.


Please see below for the CEC's settlement offer and our BT's counter response, inviting pre-conciliation.


Attached please find Faculty's Notes on Management's Settlement offer, in addition to the tabled proposals M09, M10a/b, and M11 which were sent out earlier this evening.  All of these proposals were tabled by the CEC team on Wednesday at 4pm.  


AUGUST 2021: After first meeting with the College Employer Council in early July, CAAT-A  bargaining resumed with the employer for  three more days this week.


AUGUST 24, 2021: Better workload, staffing, equity and professional conditions for College Faculty will mean a better future for our colleges. As we look ahead to a recovery from this pandemic, a strong college system is important to that recovery.


AUGUSY 6, 2021: These proposals will not only benefit the hundreds of thousands of students who rely on our colleges for their future but also spur the province’s economic recovery.


APRIL 2021: At this critical moment, OPSEU/SEFPO is pushing the government even harder to engage with us in productive talks to guarantee stable, sustainable funding across our public postsecondary system.


MARCH 2021: Over the course of February, members gathered in record numbers in their Locals to discuss the results of their general membership surveys, to listen to one another about the issues of concern they face in their work, and to use this information to set their priorities for this round of negotiations.

Bargaining Team Proposals:

The College Bargaining Team can be reached at

Team Members:

  • JP Hornick

  • Jonathan Singer

  • Michelle Arbour

  • Kathleen Flynn

  • Shawn Pentecost

  • Ravi Ramkissoonsingh

  • Rebecca Ward