SWF Guidelines, SWF Checklists, SWF Calculator / Self-Checker

SWF Guidelines
Includes Instructions in Appendix B for Faculty Member SWF Checklist
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Faculty Member SWF Checklist)
(Appendix B of SWF Guidelines)
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SWF Guidelines October 2020
October 2020

Faculty SWF Checklist October 2020
October 2020
SWF Calculator / Self-Checker - (Downloadable Excel Worksheet here)


- dropdowns for preparation and evaluation factors

- choosing OT for Other will cause it to search for the course number in the OT evaluation factor table below

- it will warn you if the mixture of evaluation types in the OT table does not equal 1.0 (i.e. 100%)

- the formulas should calculate all totals automatically

- it will warn you if the total number of students exceeds 260

Thanks to Fanshawe Faculty Union 110 for the SWF Calculator